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SBSC Dipartimento di Scienze Biomediche Sperimentali e Cliniche

Gruppo Degl'Innocenti

Coordinator of Research Team

Name                                                   Donatella Degl’Innocenti

Position                                               Associate professor of biochemistry

Name of Research Team/Laboratory                      DLAb

e-mail                                   donatella.deglinnocenti

telephone number          055 275 1249


Brief biographical sketch of the Coordinator (date of birth, degrees and Universities where they have been obtained)



  • 1983 she received her Master Degree in Biological Sciences
  • 1990 she received  PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Florence in Italy
  • 1991-2001 she was researcher at the Faculty of  Pharmacy, University of Florence, working on cellular differentiation and antibody production
  • 2001 she was Associate Professor of Biochemistry
  • 2005 she was Chair of  the graduated school in “Pharmaceutic Biotechnologies” of the Faculty of  Pharmacy, University of Florence, confirmed also for 2009-2013
  • 2013    she was Chair of the Master “ Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies” Human Health Medical School-University of Florence (2013-2017)




Member of the scientific board of the Doctorate/PhD Program in

Biomedical Sciences



Research Team

1)      Ramazzotti Matteo ( RTD)

                2)  Bameuela Barletta   Associate professor of Phatology

                3)  Vasarri Marzia   post graduated;




Current research interests

  • Use of phage display
  • Bioactivity of natural molecules
  • Cell growth and physiology  processes  


 publications of the last 5 years


  • Ramazzotti, Matteo; Paoli, Paolo; Tiribilli, Bruno; Viglianisi, Caterina; Menichetti, Stefano; Degl’Innocenti, Donatella (2017). Catechol-Containing Hydroxylated Biomimetic 4-Thiaflavanes as Inhibitors of Amyloid Aggregation. BIOMIMETICS, vol. 2, pp. 6-17, ISSN:2313-7673 DOI   Accesso ONLINE all'editore
  • M. Ramazzotti; F. Melani; L. Marchi; N. Mulinacci; S. Gestri; B. Tiribilli; D. Degl'Innocenti (2016). Mechanisms for the inhibition of amyloid aggregation by small ligands. BIOSCIENCE REPORTS, vol. 36, pp. e00385-e00385, ISSN:0144-8463 DOI   Accesso ONLINE all'editore
  • E. Barletta*; M. Ramazzotti*; F. Fratianni; D. Pessani; D. Degl'Innocenti (2015). Hydrophilic extract from Posidonia oceanica inhibits activity and expression of gelatinases and prevents HT1080 human fibrosarcoma cell line invasion.. CELL ADHESION & MIGRATION, vol. 9, pp. 422-431, ISSN:1933-6918 DOI   Accesso ONLINE all'editore
  • Francesca Niccheri; Feliciana Real-Ferna'ndez; Matteo Ramazzotti; Francesco Lolli; Giada Rossi; Paolo Rovero; Donatella Degl’Innocenti (2014). Human recombinant domain antibodies against multiple sclerosis antigenic peptide CSF114(Glc). JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR RECOGNITION, vol. 27, pp. 618-626, ISSN:1099-1352 DOI  
  • M Ramazzotti ; E Monsellier ; C Kamoun ; D Degl'Innocenti ; R Melki (2012). Polyglutamine repeats are associated to specific sequence biases that are conserved among eukaryotes.. PLOS ONE, vol. 7, pp. 1-12, ISSN:1932-6203 Accesso ONLINE all'editore


Previous research experiences

Donatella Degl’Innocenti  activity was dedicated to cellular biochemistry of differentiation and molecular biology of antibodies. Her scientific work stated with acylphosphatase purification from different tissues and polyclonal antibodies selection for  immunochemical assays against differing acylphosphatases. Using cell cultures she carried out studies on differentiation of human and murine cells to correlate these process with the intracellular level of acylphosphatase and gene expression. The cloning of some acylphosphatases let her to perform experiments and characterization of the expressed proteins. The use of phage display allowed her to select specific recombinant antibodies, such single chain fragments (scFvs) and human single variable domain (hVH), against specific conformational epitopes.

Furthermore,  her research was also focused on bioactivity of natural compounds and  preparation of raw extracts from marine sources.



  • Dipartimento NEUROFARBA -Università degli Studi di Firenze
  • CIBM (Centro Interuniversitario di Biologia Marina  - Livorno)



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