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SBSC Dipartimento di Scienze Biomediche Sperimentali e Cliniche

Section of Experimental Pathology and Oncology

The Section of Experimental Pathology and Oncology utilizes in vitro methods at the cellular and molecular level as well as in vivo approaches to investigate oncological, inflammatory and degenerative human pathologies. Research projects include: the role of proteases and of their receptors in tumor proliferation, invasion and metastasis, and in rheumatic diseases; tumor microenvironment; metabolic heterogeneity of tumor cells, metabolic regulation of tumor progression, stem cell properties and drug resistance; new nanocarrier delivery systems of anti-cancer drugs and nanomedicine-based theranostics of tumors; the role of growth factors, tyrosine kinase receptors and mitogen-activated protein kinases in cancer (breast and gastric carcinomas, melanomas) chemoresistance and in the design of molecularly-targeted therapies; post-transcriptional control of gene expression, gene editing and apoptosis deregulation in normal and cancer cells; role of glicomics, metabolomics, gut microbioma, gene expression and DNA methylation in immunosenescence and inflammaging; nutraceutical approaches and polyphenol treatment to target cell senescence, Alzheimer disease and tumor progression.


Cell Adhesion and Migration Laboratory (Coordinator Emanuela Barletta)

Laboratory for heterotypic interactions in tumor microenvironment investigation (Coordinator Lido Calorini)

Metabolic characterization of leukaemia stem cell subsets & cancer cell signaling (Coordinator Persio Dello Sbarba)

Biological basis of personalized anti-tumoral therapies and cell therapy and nanomedicine (coordinator Mario Del Rosso)

Aging, longevity and age-related diseases (Coordinator Daniela Monti)

Post transcriptional regulation in cancer (Coordinator Nicola Schiavone)

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