Section of Clinical Diagnostics

The Careggi’s Section investigates cutting-edge medical and technical research. Despite the specificity of each research group cross-cutting research collaborations are present. The main fields of interest, both in diagnosis and therapy area, are related to Diagnostic imaging, Neuroradiology, Nuclear Medicine, Gynaecology, Radiotherapy and Medical Physics. Advanced research on MRI principles, contrast agents, diffusion and perfusion weighted imaging and general imaging are pursued. The identification of radiological markers for diagnosis and prognosis in several neurological disorders are studied by the neuroradiology team. Measurement of myocardial blood flow in selected patient groups is the main goal of nuclear medicine unit. Translational research in gynaecological cancers is present. The role of epigenetics and endometrial benign diseases is being studied. Other topics are long term management of uterine fibroids, the impact of hormones, inflammation and quality of life and on women’s’ health. Pathogenetic mechanisms and management of preterm birth and stress and reproduction are also of primary interest. Radiotherapist team studies cutting-edge clinical and technological treatment for any kind of solid tumours; combination treatment with cytotoxic agents, target agents and immunomodulators, radiosensitization of tumours and effect on normal tissues are also performed by the radiotherapy group. The physicist team works mainly on photon and charged particle imaging and on the design and development of apparatus and detectors for the determination of the absorbed dose in IMRT and Tomotherapy treatments.


Florence university radiology group (Coordinator Stefano Colagrande)

Laboratory of gynecology (Coordinator Massimiliano Fambrini)

Neurosonology Unit (Coordinator Marinella Marinoni)

Assisted Reproductive Technology Unit and Gamete Biobank (Prof.ssa Maria Elisabetta Coccia)

Laboratory of “Radiotherapy” (Coordinator Lorenzo Livi)

Women's Health (Coordinator Felice Petraglia)

Laboratory Nuclear Medicine (Coordinator Roberto Sciagrà)





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